New Blog Design and Some Other Exciting News!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In case you didn't notice, we have a new blog! I've been thinking for months which direction I want to steer Sweet Prints in and it's been really tough. I love designing paper goods for kiddos (I have so many party invitations and cupcake toppers that haven't even made it to the shop yet) but I also love a really good, chic design and the name "Sweet Prints" doesn't really speak to that. So, after lots and lots of thought, I've decided that I'll keep Sweet Prints and it will be dedicated to everything "kid." Birth Announcements, Birthday Invitations and Partyscapes, our Just-Like-Me collection, and all of the other fun kid's stationery.

So, now for the exciting part (at least for me!)...In the next few days, olivia b. creative will debut! Named after my sweet baby girl, olivia b. will offer all kinds of graphic design services: logo design, full branding concepts, Etsy shop design, and blog design! We'll also be moving over all of our stationery, calling cards/business cards, and everything else for the "big people". That part won't be happening until after the holidays but the design services will hopefully be up and going next week! I hope to take all of the stress out of the branding process and make it a fun experience for you. Blog design can be so difficult and so frustrating if you don't have any experience with it and it is my goal to put your visions in motion. There will be more details of this to come soon!

I would LOVE to hear y'alls thoughts and feedback. I've been going back and forth on this for what seems like forever! I may end up keeping Sweet Prints fully intact the way it is and just leave olivia b. and custom design only...too many decisions!


joanne said...

yea, i love it!! i'll take 1 of each, please!

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