New 2011 Desktop Calendars!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey y'all! I'm back after a little social media break with our new 2011 Desktop Calendars! These calendars feature all of our original patterns in 3 different color palettes...Brights, Bolds, and Pastels. They come packaged in a clear case ready to display! Calendars ship in 2-3 days and make the perfect Christmas gift.

Desktop Calendar


Right now we're having a special introductory sale! All calendars are $18 (reg. $20) and buy 2 get 1 free! This is the perfect way to knock out a few gifts for your coworkers, your kids' teachers, and even family members! They are listed in the shop but since Etsy doesn't have the ability to edit checkout yet, I've added a handy little secure paypal checkout to this post! This sale will end Monday, November 8th.

With November finally here, we'll be adding all of our Holiday items throughout the week so be sure to check back!

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Amy said...

These are wonderful--how long will this deal be going on?

Erica said...

Thank you Amy! I've just added it to the post...this promo will end on Monday, November 8th.

Amy said...


Lili said...

These are so cute!!! Love the patterns!!!

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